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Face Mills/Milling Cutters
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Face Mills | Holders & Sets | Accessoreis & Replacement Parts
Face Mills    (See also: Milling Cutters Index)
15°, 2 in. Cutting Dia.; CCMT Insert Recyling; Dorian Tool Brand  NEW!
15°, 2 in. Cutting Dia., CNMG Insert Recyling; Dorian Tool Brand
43° Setting Angle, RH Cut, Indexable, Imported
45° Lead Angle, Maxi-Mizer™, RH Cut, Indexable, Imported
45° Setting Angle; RH Cut, All Purpose; Maxi-Mizer; TMX Brand
45° Setting Angle; RH Cut; Heavy-Duty; Maxi-Mizer™; TMX Brand
45° Setting Angle, RH Cut, with Weldon & R8 Shanks, Indexable, Imported
45° Setting Angle, Shank Type, Weldon, R8 & NST; RH Cut; TMX Brand
75° Setting Angle, Positive Rake, TMX Brand
75° Setting Angle, LH Cut, Indexable, Imported
75° Setting Angle, 4° Axial Rake Angle, RH Cut, Indexable, Imported
75° Setting Angle, 4° Axial Rake Angle, RH Cut; Uses SPKN Inserts; TMX Brand
75° Setting Angle, 7° Axial Rake Angle, RH Cut, Indexable, Imported
75° Setting Angle, Maxi-Mizer™, Indexable, Imported
90 Cut; Dyna-Mill™; Heavy-Duty, Negative Rake; APT Brand
90° Positive Rake, Imported
90° Setting Angle, Square Shoulder; RH Cut; Uses TPU/TPG Inserts; TMX Brand
90° Setting Angle, RH Cut; Uses APXT Inserts; TMX Brand
90° Setting Angle, RH Cut, Square Shoulder, Indexable, uses TCMT inserts, Imported
Helimill, Models F75A & F90A, uses ADKT series inserts, Iscar brand
R-8 Shank, 3 in. Dia., Imported
Round Inserted, RH Cut, Imported
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Holders & Sets   (Also see End Mill & Face Mill Holders)
Adjustable Clamp/Chipbreaker Toolholder Sets, USA
Holder, CAT 50 V-Flange; Bison Brand  NEW!
Holder, CAT 50 V-Flange; Collis Brand
Holder, NMTB; Collis Brand
Holder; Morse and NS Tapers, Bison Brand
Mini Toolholder and Boring Bar Set, Imported
Turning Tool Sets, USA & Imported

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Accessories & Replacement Parts
Centering Ring NMTB, Imported
Dyna-Mill 90 Cut, Heavy-Duty, Negative Rake, Indexable (USA)
Face Mill Inserts
Milling Inserts for Maxi-Mizer
Parts, Replacement; for Face Mills (Shims, Wedges, Screws & Keys); TMX Brand
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